giovedì, marzo 15, 2012



Dates: May 3-5 | Country: Poland | City: Wrocław / Location: Browar Mieszczański [Bourgeois Brewery]


Asymmetry Festival is a unique event on the Central European scale. Successfully organized since four years, draws fans of the alternative music scene not only from Poland, but Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and many other neighbouring countries as well. The festival constantly develops its formula in continuous searches for new music genres – genres which defy labelling. The event will take place, for the first time, in a special location on the map of Wrocław – the XIXc. building of the Browar Mieszczański [Bourgeois Brewery], which since many years is an important cultural point of the city.

Apart from the location, the assumptions and priorities in attitude towards the invited artists have changed as well. Among the 40 bands performing there, there is a numerous group of innovative projects, which are difficult to come across on any European festival stage. So side by side with the legendary Sleep, Killing Joke, Red Fang or Amenra, the guests of Asymmetry will also witness performances of all-star groups, created exclusively to in order to open the artistic floodgates of musical visions and the need to evolve.

Let yourself be carried away by the fun. Come to Wrocław and become witnesses of something huge.


- Sleep
- Amenra (double set)
- Red Fang
- A Storm of Light
- Black Tusk
- Vladimir Bozar ‘n’ ze Sheraf Orkestär
- Coilguns
- Earthship
- Dizraeli
- Rekombinacja vs Enay


- Æthenor
- The Ocean
- Broken Note
- Obake
- Mombu
- Ddekombinacja
- Metazen
- Kunz
- Igorrr
- Niveau Zero
- Nicolas Chevreux
- Codeshift
- Veatxh
- The Fantastiques
- Poupée F


- Killing Joke
- Bohren & Der Club of Gore
- Celeste
- The Ascent of Everest
- A Whisper in the Noise
- Infekcja
- My Own Private Alaska
- Kiss Me Kojak
- Ass to Mouth
- We Are Idols
- Guantanamo Party Program
- Escape from Paris
- Drom
- Nod Nod
- Thaw
- Panacea