domenica, dicembre 09, 2007


Neurosounds Vol.1: Stones From The Sky, the first compilation about the italian "post" scene is online!

Cd X: [click here to download]

Vanessa Van Basten La Scatola (6.10)
Lento Need (5.50)
Morkobot Zorgongollac (3.04)
Infection Code Sweet Taste Of Sickness (4.50)
Tears|Before Portland (6.32)
Incoming Cerebral Overdrive Food (2.54)
Storm{O} Inconsiderata Putrefazione (3.20)
Sicklown Illusion (8.05)
Psychocean Overtones (4.57)
Amia Venera Landscape A New Aurora (7.09)
Juggernaut Nailscratched (4.35)
Jagannah Pyl (4.00)
Last Minute To Jaffna Dawn (11.20)
Deflore Home (3.05)

Cd Y: [click here to download]

One Starving Day Black Star Aeon (12.34)
Fog In The Shell
The Night Will Not Stay (8.24)
Tomydeepestego Mizar (11.27)
Three Steps To The Ocean
Submerged Universe (10.17)
Viscera/// White Flies (7.53)
A Cold Dead Body Our Best Years (7.05)
Orbe Aleph (6.20)
Turquoise Glimmervoid (8.20)
Larva La Pioggia e Le Lumache (7.01)

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